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Ari Everett-Allen smiles while leaning against a stone wall, wearing a white top and plaid jacket.
Ari Everett-Allen Shifts Struggles to Success

Discover Ari's empowering story of self-advocacy and transformation as she navigates challenges to find her path to success.

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Every morning, Ferguson staff members stand at our front doors to welcome students as they arrive for the day.

Small Class Sizes

Our classrooms average 15 students per teacher, so we can offer more individualized assistance for each student.

Ferguson Family

Our small student population and dedicated staff make Ferguson feel less like school and more like family.

Alternative Education

At Ferguson we create alternative experiences because each learner deserves different, not less.

Student and Staff Recognition

We celebrate the successes of our students and staff as often as we can.


Hundreds of students have earned their high school diploma at Ferguson High School.

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