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College Courses - Concurrent Enrollment

- Campus Select -
(classes taken at the college campus)

TSD will pay tuition costs if all steps below are completed.

Fees, books, and other course materials must be paid by the student.

Front Range Community College 

Helpful Link: FRCC Academic Calendar

  • Spring 2024 Registration Dates

    • October 20th - Spring/Summer Class search opens

    • October 30th - Spring/Summer registration opens for students with 30+credits

    • October 31st - Spring/Summer registration opens for students with 1-29 credits

    • November 6th - Spring/Summer registration opens for all students   

Enrollment Steps

Please complete the steps below to register for Campus Select classes at FRCC.

Students who have previously completed a class at FRCC only need to complete steps 4-7.

1. Use the FRCC College Now Application Guideto APPLY to FRCC. FRCC will email you your 8-digit ‘S number’ (FRCC student ID) and eWolf account access.

  • At the end of your ‘Application Certification’, select YES when asked to authorize COF.
  • For students under age 16 at the start of their first Campus Select semester, please complete the Underage Admission Waiver. We will email you to schedule an underage meeting to approve registration.

2.  Students participating in their first semester of Campus Select must complete the online Campus Select OrientationOnce you complete the orientation, we lift your New Student Advising HOLD and email you registration instructions and important startup information.

3.  For help determining the best FRCC class(es) for your degree path, contact Gaby Tabor, Concurrent Enrollment Representative, at or (970) 204-8427. You can also stop by the FHS Counseling Office to schedule an in-person meeting with Mrs. Tabor. You can schedule a virtual appointment with her HERE.

4.  Complete a separate online TSD Concurrent Enrollment Agreement. Listthe course number and title (e.g., ENG 1021, College Composition I) for the class(es) you want to take. All courses must be approved for tuition costs to be paid by the district!You will be emailed by the district Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator, Tyler Schlagel, regarding approval of each requested class.

5.  Use your eWOLF account to register for approved classes. Registration instructions can be found HERE,or contact Vicky Paul-Bryant for additional registration assistance.

6.  Be sure you send a copy of your “Detailed Student Schedule with Drop/Withdrawal Dates” to your high school counselor (found in eWolf, under “Registration”).

7.  Visit the Campus Select Semester Startup page for information and tutorials on accessing your course(s), buying books, the academic calendar, and how to pay your student fees (approximately $25 per credit hour-some courses have additional fees, view fees HERE).


**See important message HERE regarding COVID protocols for students at FRCC.

**Students who fail or withdraw from a college class may be responsible for tuition repayment to the school district.

**A withdraw will not affect a student’s college GPA, but it can affect future financial aid eligibility. Students who do not complete at least 67% of their college credits will be ineligible for financial aid if they return to FRCC in the future. 

 **Students with an IEP or 504 must schedule an appointment with our Disability Support Services office,, to request accommodations at FRCC.

Check with your FHS counselor, Laura Anderson, if you need any further information.

Aims Community College

Students who want to take a class at Aims Community College, please complete the following steps below.

  1. Apply to Aims CC: CLICK HERE
  2. Complete a Campus Select form: CLICK HERE.
  3. All courses must be approved for tuition costs to be paid by the district. You will be emailed by the district Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator, Tyler Schlagel, regarding approval of each requested class.
  4. Once you receive email from district coordinator, Tyler Schlagel, register for your class(es) using the instructions found HERE.
  5. Send your Aims schedule to your LHS counselor after you have registered for classes.

For assistance, contact Charlotte Parnell at or call 970-378-3636 (voice message w/name/school/brief message) or text 720-432-9351 (text only – please include your name/school/message).